About Me

Born name DeAndre Drake in Huntsville, Alabama, at an early age Redworks was introduced to music and quickly fell in love with it.  Growing up listening to artist like LL Cool J and Run DMC he knew that he wanted to be involved in the rap industry some how but he just didn’t know where yet.  He started off D.J.ing and later playing the drums in the school marching band.  Soon after, Redworks and four friends formed a rap group which he made beats for and was also the D.J. for. It didn’t take long before Redworks also became one of the group’s rappers as well. Now rapping and making beats, Redworks was ready to learn more.  After convincing his parents that this was something that he wanted to do, they invested in to a small beat machine and a track machine for recording. Now Redworks was doing it all, producing, writing, rapping, and learning how to record and engineer.  Years went by and eventually the group separated.  Redworks knew that he had a passion for music and this was something that he still wanted to pursue with or without a group and so he went solo. He went from maybe having a verse on a song with the other group members to producing, writing, rapping, and recording whole songs by him self. He released one mix tape and quickly gained local attention and instantly became a hometown superstar. Redworks also established his name as a brand by selling merchandise with his logo on it in local clothing stores and promoting and co-signing the hottest events in his city.   A few mix tapes later and tons of local fame, Redworks decided it was time to take it to another level.  He packed up everything he had and moved to Atlanta, GA to set up shop.  He formed a new company called Fly Music Group and quickly got to work on his biggest and best project to date, “Cool Music”.  “This album is going to change the game as far as the production on it, the song topics and the fact that it’s an underground independent album.  Most artists try to go and get some big names on their project to get attention but I’m just going to give the world me.  Cool Music is the soundtrack for cool people who live a cool lifestyle.” Now available online for downloads, the talented triple threat is on his way.  Look out world.  Its Redworks baby, YEAH!!!